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Understanding Antiperspirant Functions and Facts of Their Use on Health

Generally people apply antiperspirants to keep their armpits dry and fragrant. Antiperspirants are chemicals that can reduce sweat production. This substance is found in many underarm fragrance products. However, rumors spread that the use of antiperspirants is related to various conditions, such as allergies, cancer, and even Alzheimer's disease. Is that right? Antiperspirant Function and Difference with Deodorant Some people think that antiperspirants and deodorants are the same product, even though both of them have different contents and functions. Antiperspirants contain substances that can clog sweat glands so that sweat production will be reduced, while deodorants contain ingredients that can eliminate body odor due to bacterial growth from sweat. In addition, antiperspirants are classified as drugs and deodorants, including cosmetic products. Although they are two different substances, most of the underarm fragrance products on the market are a combination of these
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Phases of Thorax Examination for Chest Organs

Thorax examination is a general physical examination procedure performed by doctors to determine the condition of organs in the chest cavity, including the heart and lungs. The first step the doctor will take when the patient comes for a check-up is to ask for complaints that are felt, the patient's and family's medical history, medications that are being consumed, and the patient's daily habits. Next, the doctor will conduct a physical examination, including the thorax or chest area, to determine the condition of the organs in this section and diagnose the patient's illness. Stages of Thorax Examination and Estimated Diagnosis Thorax examination involves four stages, namely observing, touching, tapping, and listening to the sound of the heart and lungs with a stethoscope. The following is an explanation of the four stages: 1. Inspection (observation) At this stage, the examination can be done by looking at the shape and size of the chest, skin color in the ches

Late Menstruation But Negative Pregnancy Test Results, These Possible Causes

When your period is late, you are very happy to hope that your baby will be present in the womb soon. However, it turns out the results of pregnancy tests stated negative. How did it happen? When you are planning a pregnancy, then your period is late. That might make you consider yourself pregnant. However, it turns out when examined, a pregnancy test or testpack has not shown positive results. Let's understand some of the reasons or conditions that cause it. Various Possible Causes When you are late for your period, but the testpack shows negative results, in fact there is a possibility you are indeed pregnant. But there are times when your pregnancy has not been read by a pregnancy checkup due to several conditions or having a pregnancy disorder, for example: HCG levels are still low Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone levels are still too low to detect pregnancy tests. So that when examined, there may not be enough hCG hormone in the urine. Inaccurate testpack